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MYKrobiome by Dr. Farro Nail Fungus Remedy Thickening Cracking Odor


We use as few ingredients as possible - so far, 7 in total.

Unlike many brands, we only use active ingredients, which means every single ingredient is making a difference.

Straight to the point. Less is more.

Core Elements


This ancient ingredient has been used by Middle-Eastern royalty for thousands of years. It is made from the Ziziphus Spina-Christi tree that is native to the East.

Anti-Inflammatory & Antiseptic

Sacred Lotus

Blue Lotus serves as a natural moisturizer. While our products exfoliate, this ingredient ensures your skin stays quenched and supple.

Hydration & Moisture


We use Yogurt for the probiotics and balancing properties. It combats bacteria while also mediating oil production from sebaceous glands.

Stabalizer & Bacteriostatic


“The Zen Master of Plastic Surgery”

“Manhattan-Based Farrokh Shafaie, M.D., part herbalist, part spiritual adviser, encourages his patients to explore meditation, guided imagery, and positive thinking - all in the name of inner and outer beauty”


“I LOVE how it (Blemish Remedy) makes my skin feel and look. I had discoloration and texture issues that I feel the mask is really helping with. I also feel like my blackheads disappeared”

Maria, NY

“‘There is a big move toward homeopathic remedies,’ says Shafaie, who has been recommending a wellness regime to his patients for almost 20 years”

W Magazine

“I just used the remedy (Nail Fungus) yesterday – it was the first time in ages where I didn’t scratch my foot to the point of bleeding. Thank you because even other OTC stuff didn’t work!”

Steph, VA

“When you pay attention to patients in all different aspects, they trust you more. And when patients trust the physician, they heal better and have a better result” - Dr. Farrokh Shafaie

Natural Health Magazine

“I came across your magical product (Blemish Remedy) that cured my face in an unbelievable 4 weeks. No medication, no pain, it was simple”

Nese, NJ

Dr. Shafaie's Father: On The Farm (c. 1940)

Dr. Shafaie's father was a physician himself. He had a passion for farming and grew an array of crops. He often used these elements in the natural remedies he would give to his patients.

Dr. Shafaie: On The Farm (c. 1965)

Dr. Shafaie grew up on the farm. His father taught him how to forage for ingredients and formulate his remedies.

Dr. Shafaie & His Father: On the Farm (c. 1980)

Together, they produced dozens of remedies & helped heal hundreds of people in their small town.