Our Story

MYKrobiome by Dr. Shafaie is a skincare company that takes a modern approach to century-old formulas. 

Dr. Shafaie, MD 

Dr. Farrokh Shafaie (also known as Dr. Farro) is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in New York City and New Jersey since 1984.  

He has been featured in Vogue, W Magazine, The Today Show, & more.

To learn more about Dr. Shafaie, visit https://www.nynjplastics.com/



1950's: Dr. Shafaie's interest in skincare began as a young boy on his father's farm. His father would use the natural substances that grew on their farm to formulate products for the people of their town. 

2020: Since then, Dr. Shafaie has utilized his extensive Plastic Surgery training as well as his experience with Naturopathy to reintroduce these formulas with minimal ingredients for the modern customer. 

Why 'MYK'robiome?

M, Y, and K are the initials of Dr. Shafaie's children - Mehrdad, Kamy, & Yassi.

A family company that wants to share their family secrets with you.